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Hi Andrea g first of all Merry Christmas and then I am writing to you for some doubts / clarifications on Tinder: (if I later decide to use it) for now I investigate 🙂

A) Can Tinder be used for free? If you use it for free, are you penalized or not? (how?) with the new algorithm I heard on the internet that they should implement (instead of elo?) or have they already done that will improve things as users complained about few matches because of this and were thrown at the bottom of visibility? what does it mean? curvesconnect com reviews

B) in reference to A, does it also depend / go on the algorithm that assigns you a ranking based on the number of likes you receive? so if few like; Does your profile to strafic or even to the standards do they see it last? and then they do not get to visualize it?

Yes oh well I noticed A) and B) are similar answer uniquely 🙂

D) There is also the Tinder PC version in this case, the profiles are different depending on whether you use a PC or mobile phone? how do you sign up? or it does not matter then you can use both PC and mobile indifferently? that is, if you stay at home you stick your PC (and chat like on the phone?) if you hang around your mobile phone 🙂

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